Distance Learning
Course Technology will work with you and your Subject Matter Experts to design the training your Team Members need to succeed. The courses can be delivered through a variety of mediums, including our E-KnowledgeBase Course Management System that allows your Team Members to access the training wherever they may be.

Our course management system allows us to design flexible quizzing and testing scenerios to ensure your Team Members understand and comprehend the training materials. Once your Team Member successfully completes the course, as determined by the grading criteria, a certificate can be made available to them automatically allowing them to document their training progress.

For complex procedures and applications, the training can be broken down into multiple training paths, providing the students with additional practice on the components they need help with while allowing them to minimize the time spent on the topics they understand fully.

In addition to the web, training can also be customized for delivery through a multitude of other mediums such as instructor led materials, desktop applications, CD/DVD based training, Video, Audio Podcasts and many more!

Training Highlights

  •  1 - Interactive Flash video with audio narration
  •  2 - Multiple Learning Paths
  •  3 - Training Documentation
  •  4 - Diverse Delivery Methods
  •  5 - Flexible quizzing and testing
  •  6 - Training Documentation
  •  7 - Instructor-Led Materials
  •  8 - Desktop Applications
  •  9 - CD/DVD-Based Training
  •  10 - Vdeo
  •  11 - Audio Podcasts
  •  12 - Many More!